Noor Azizah

Rising Resilience: Navigating Climate Challenges as a Rohingya Refugee

Words and artwork Noor Azizah

The collage is a visual representation of the profound impact of climate change on the Rohingya people. It begins with a vibrant and lush portrayal of nature, symbolizing the beauty and abundance that the Rohingya once enjoyed in their ancestral homeland. However, the contrast is stark, as on the other side of the collage, the same image is marred and obscured by adhesive tape, representing the disruption and displacement wrought by nature’s fury. This juxtaposition serves to highlight the devastating effects of climate change on our community, which has been forced to endure the destructive power of disasters, from cyclones to mudslides.

The right-hand side of the collage features a striking red flower, serving as a powerful emblem of the bloodshed and loss that our community has suffered as a result of climate change. This flower represents not only the lives lost but also the pain and struggle that the Rohingya people have had to endure due to the changing climate. It is a poignant reminder that the consequences of climate change extend beyond the physical devastation and touch the very essence of our community’s resilience.

My collage, “Rising Resilience,” is a visual testament to the strength and determination of the Rohingya people in the face of climate challenges. It speaks to the need for collective action, understanding, and support to ensure that vulnerable communities like ours can adapt and thrive in a changing world.