Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – Kupa

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Words Kupakwashe Matangira

War in its nature of tragedy, lines the streets with sorrow and destroys everything in its path,

Winds blow and give life to the world around us,

The seas rise, rejuvenating the earth,

The fires rage but birth new life,

But nature has disconnected, the war we now fight is nature itself,

Greed has fuelled this new war, a war wherein we destroy the earth and in the end, it destroys us,

Mercy, mercy, mercy we cry as we run from the fire,

Mercy, mercy, mercy the earth cries as we destroy her forests and ruin her home,

No one leaves home unless home chases them away,

With seas rising, the land is no longer replenished, houses, land, communities are being destroyed,

I’ve seen it, we’ve all see it,

There are no eyes here says the minor, as he robs the earth of her beauty,

We see it, the earth sees it but it’s ordinary people who suffer,

Let me not near the fire, I beg, I cannot stand the burning, iridescent light, like a dragon it breathes in fury, destroying livelihoods,

The earth is crying, the earth is hurting,

It is now hurting us, because we hurt it,

We can no longer ignore climate change,

The winds sing, the birds chirp, stars dance around the sky and sea swirls in

majesty- what a dream,

I dream of a world where this can be. A world where trees run free with no developer in sight,

I wish for a world where we care for the earth, we treat it well and it rewards us

with life,

Words are easy, words are cheap, those who have the power need to commit to

action and start listening to the call of mother earth, please do,

We need leaders who listen much more often and more sincerely because

climate change, global warming, sea level rise and glacier melting, they can no

longer be ignored.

Not by me, not by you, and not by us.