Comments on a sunset – Carina

comments on a sunset, my hometown’s facebook page


captioned, Look at it [this sky]

on fire. Beautiful and Spectacular!!!

Just clean up your yards and hope for the best

(It’ll happen soon enough).

The creeks were [once] a break. If a fire comes to this area

I would hope nobody loses their life.

The joint is a ticking time bomb. Let’s hope not

With all the new gates blocking the bush tracks…

Hi Janet, I carry a cordless angle grinder in the ute

To fix this problem if it may happen. Thumbs Up!

The young ones do not know the speed it travels – too late if it comes.

Yes. Just before [a slightly larger neighbouring town] burns.

There could be a little frog

under all that fuel.

no more childhood afternoons at the dam?

pobblebonks plucking out their humble rhythm?

how we’d get our ankles

into the mud, leeches lurking in the clay-wet shallows

while we skipped rocks over our own world records

(fifteen, sixteen, seventeen-) while you chorused a symphony, backing track

banjo frogs. eating up the mozzies that swarmed near

our dancing toes. little banjos with voices heard, yes, singing

by the only billabong we knew. pockets of wet life. chirping glory as the fiery sun

was drowned out by the manna gum shade.]

hope for the best [alright]

There could be a little frog

under all that fuel [he will burn anyway-